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Management Behaviour to Empower Women in Technology

Management Behavior to Empower Women in Technology

The best way to help employees improve is to offer them clear and actionable feedback.

Be critical, supportive and helpful with your feedback. Make sure the employee knows what to improve, how to improve it and that goals are realistic.

A good manager also cares about their employee’s well-being. So, don’t be afraid to check in on someone if you think something is wrong. Just remember to respect boundaries.

Also, remember that networking is the key to business. Make sure your management team is acquainted with the diverse pool of people you are hiring.

If the management team knows a diverse group of people, then the corporate ladder will hopefully become more diverse through osmosis. As NCWIT’s study says, this diverse management team will likely reflect in improved performance overall.

Standards and Evidence-Based Decisions Empower Women in Technology

Therefore, business decisions and operations should be made based on clear standards and evidence.

Processes for office upkeep, promotions and decision-making can all be standardised so that everyone understands the rules and knows them to be fair.

Standards and Evidence-Based Decisions Empower Women in Technology

Sometimes, these standards will call for a subjective value to be used where measurement is impossible. Say a number out of one hundred that represents synergy between two departments.

In this case, work with everyone involved and affected by the number to ensure this value is fair.

How Company Culture Affects Women in Technology

4 Ways to Create a Business Environment that Empower Women in Technology

We all need to foster a workplace where everyone is on the team and everyone is acknowledged for their success.

But we also need to call out bad behaviour. Speak up when you hear talk that isn’t respectful or professional.

Even if the person being talked about isn’t around — speak up. Behaviours exhibited in private tend to eventually be shown publicly.

Finally, fun activities have a positive effect on office behaviour. Make sure to include, or invite, all employees to these activities.

When you work with friends you trust, respect, support and enjoy, it’s amazing how quickly rapport grows and a gender positive workplace is established.

You can influence people in the office by simple wearing trendy women’s accessories from time to time and add value to it by being nice. 🙂

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