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A gothic masterpiece

I was saddened when I read the news today about Notre Dame’s fire. It took me a while to digest the horrible news. As a matter of fact I was flabbergasted. I continuously scanned through the pictures and unforgettable memories of the cathedral with my family.

I appreciated the times that we were there and gawked at the magnificent edifice. The left and right bell towers were iconic from afar. There is no mistaking it as a usual Cathedral as it stands out from the streets of Paris. 

I remembered the first time I saw it — it’s the realest image that I have seen in my life. I thought I can only see it in movies! But its cinematic effects were brought to life and I was standing there. There was no need for heavy filters and lighting as it was the most beautiful church that I have been to.  🙂

I’ve read that the main building was saved — Thank God for that, but the sire was caught on video visibly collapsing and it broke my heart even further.

I remember how much I gazed into its wooden ceilings and got amazed by how possibly some people were so talented and wise during that era they were able to build a church? What was the real inspiration behind Notre Dame?

I am also feeling grateful for the opportunity and family time when we visited. I have had prayers about my life but it was nothing serious that needed help.  I kept on praying the same thing over and over again, paused and reflected and repeated what was said the first time. Sure it was difficult to focus, I was distracted by its hall, the shape, and the ceiling and how much time and crisis it withstood — i thought it looked pretty strong.

I also remember my family — my kids, we were seating beside each other while I try to focus on capturing the inside photos. The featured image of this page post was the result of that admiration.

The restoration was going on for years and the estimated duration on when will it be completed — I have forgotten because it was nowhere near the year 2020. It will take a lifetime or more to rebuild it but I am hopeful to see it again in the near future.

I truly felt sorry for Notre Dame and the French people. The cathedral was and will always be a symbol of strength, peace and hope that brought us and millions of families together. It survived the French Revolution, world wars –it’s not fated that one fire was gonna bring it down. 

Hoping things will be better soon for France. The rebuild will take much longer time but we are all here supporting with you, praying for your country’s peace and dreaming for Notre Dame’s restoration soon. Take care.

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