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Dressing up just after you have a baby can be tough if you don’t know how to accept and work with your post-partum body. There’s no reason for despair as you’ll definitely be able to transform your looks after a while. But, there will be a period when you probably won’t be so keen on the way your body looks after giving birth. This is completely normal though, so keep that in mind. And, luckily, there are plenty of interesting clothes on the market these days to accommodate all styles and body shapes. That said, consider the following styling tips if you’re looking for something flattering yet stylish when it comes to your fabulous new mum look.

Go for drapey tops

In general, new mums usually have issues with their upper body. This is why you should most definitely make the most out of drapey tops, tunics, and dresses while you pair them with form-fitting leggings or pants. Not only is this look very fashionable, but it will allow you to look your best while feeling comfortable.

Go for drapey tops

This is something all new mums can truly enjoy. So, focus your attention on Empire-waist cut as well as the straight-drop boxy cut that falls flatteringly from your chest to your hips. What’s more, ruching and gathers are definitely the clothing details you want to incorporate in your post-partum style as these can effectively hide the areas on your body you may not feel that confident about.

Make use of women’s accessories

Not many people know this but accessories can be a great way of shifting attention away from areas you wish to cover. What’s more, these can make you appear visually slimmer as well. For instance, long dangly earrings will shift the focus to your face while the long beady or pendant necklaces will elongate your figure. Furthermore, long silk scarves that fall straight from your neck, over your chest, all the way to the middle of your thighs can truly make you look visually thinner and hide the tummy area just as you’d want. Not to mention that these accessories allow you to show off your particularly unique fashion style as you may need to opt for relatively plainer clothes to elongate your figure. Remember, even a stylish nappy bag for your baby’s stuff can look like a nice fashion accessory if you take the time to pick it out.

Women’s shapewear to the rescue

Together with the comfortable undergarments with the right support, shapewear can actually make a lot of difference for your overall look. There’s no reason to avoid it these days as the modern shapewear tends to be rather comfy. What’s more, there are different cuts, shapes, and designs to choose from which allows new mums to find the right piece for their particular needs.

As the shapewear will tighten the usual problem areas on your legs, hips and tummy, you’ll be able to rock different clothing styles as well. That said, you may even find shapewear in the form of leggings, pencil skirts and tank tops for more variety in your post-partum dress code.

Find yourself a good tailor

Tailoring your clothes in order for them to fit better is not the thing of the past – far from it! Tailoring is actually becoming quite trendy. And if you’ve prided yourself on being quite unique and creative with your fashion sense, tailoring some of your favorite staple clothing pieces can make you shine with confidence in those first months after giving birth. In general, you should focus on your chest and hip area when adopting different pieces as these tend to remain relatively the same post-partum. The same can be said for new items as well. Let’s not forget that you have the freedom to pursue your own style with your new body and hit the shops! But even if you find something new that doesn’t quite fit right, a visit to the tailor can fix this in no time!

Know the tricks

When you look for new clothes to suit your style, it’s important to know the tricks that will let you dress in the most flattering outfits as possible. For example, V-necks and scoop necks on tops look the best when you have your post-partum figure to worry about. Moreover, avoid calf and mid-calf length skirts – opt for above-the-knee or maxi ones. And when pants are concerned, high-waisted pairs will definitely fit the best.

Just because your body has changed after childbirth doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your fashion style! First of all, you can always do your best to gradually get your body back in shape. Secondly, the right clothes, materials and support can still make you look and feel fabulous. Never try to limit your personality just because your outward appearance has changed a bit!

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