Weekend and then some!

How’s your weekend everybody? I hope you had it good!

Did you have a chance to catch The Avengers End Game? I hope you did! I was glad I had the time to watch it last week. But I won’t be giving any reviews or spoilers about the movie. Go and find it out for yourselves hopefully you will enjoy it!

It has been a crazy and fulfilling week. I got a lot of messages and inquiries regarding one of my product. The product came out fresh two weeks ago. It is not available at Amazon or anywhere online yet. When it came out, that was eventually when I myself and the rest of others started to advertise it. I was overwhelmed with a lot of messages from all the people around the world who asked me where can they get it without paying for shipping fees? I think that product price with a hefty shipping fee is not well-understood by many.

If you buy online and in display stores, all of it will charge you a shipping fee. There is no way one business can offer you a raw price of the product.

The thing is majority of these buyers cannot wait and does not want to pay for shipping fees! Sometimes we need to be realistic and reasonable with our purchasing logic! 

Stainless Steel Kitchen Dish Rack

This is the part where I actually introduce what product is hot-selling currently? You read that right it’s a Dish Rack! This is the first time that I have seen an innovative and stylish dish rack that everyone wants to get their hands on! I believe this is one of those a-ha moment for a dish rack!

But then this doesn’t come cheap. Simply because it’s not widely available to any country! Not even US or UK.

Law of Supply and Demand. So get one yours now!!!

I will write you more next time, for now Happy Sunday everyone!

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