Who loves tidy kitchen? =)


Kitchen are the cooks paradise.

So it has been told that those people who loves to cook — men or women alike are main stayers of kitchen.

I am proud to say that my husband and other family member cooks for me =) I have tried to like this skill although the skill does not like me. Not at all. 

There have been a lot of progress lately when it comes to upgrading your kitchen. It doesn’t have to be costly or grand to have an elegant kitchen. Actually looking it more tidy and organised is difficult to attain especially if we don’t know how to get started in organising it.

I have found a lot of helpful organisers that can spice up your kitchen and make it look better. There are multitude of ways on how to organise it if you just start simple and maintain a rather simple goal as well.

For spices, there are plenty of bottles. We can opt to purchase a spice rack to attach it to our cabinet walls or any walls for that matter. Our purpose is to make our kitchen more functional and make us better cooks.

Another thing are the pot lids, in our house they are everywhere!!! It’s annoying for me to think that when someone washes the dishes other than myself will put it on a different storage. So when it’s my turn to cook (A for effort), I can’t find the pot lids! Now this can be easily solved by pot lids organiser. Just put it on the countertop and that’s it!

How about knives organiser? I know right? This one is also difficult to find. As for me, I want it to be displayed so I can see and access it easily. Apparently there are wall organisers for knife now and they are magnetic. You can easily attach this to your walls and see all your knives at an instant. Bonus point — it’s magnetised. So why not? We just have to be careful where we actually display it though, if we have kids we do not let them access it. I guess that’s a given.

I have seen a lot of innovative and simple ideas to change our kitchen for the better. We often get overwhelmed with the idea of HOW. The easiest is to take it step by step, one thing at a time. 

Nothing is easy with organisation but it will be rewarding in the long run.

Check out our kitchen organisers! =)

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