Women and Eyebrows

A woman’s greatest accessory is her eyebrows

Eyebrow maintenance historically has been existent since decades ago. If I am not wrong, this was first introduced during the Egyptian era where men and women alike started to draw or maintained their eyebrows.

Fast forward to today, after many centuries of trial and error, eyebrow maintenance remains. This is true especially to women these days.

No one has the perfect set of eyebrow. I know right? If there is one person in this world who can say her eyebrows are perfect is definitely an exception! 

When I was working and grinding my 9 to 5, majority of those days, I would have to draw my brows — a tint, a temporary tattoo and brushed it with gel. There was a routine where I needed to keep it clean, shaped and defined. Who knows what one woman can do only for her eyebrows! 

Sometimes I grew lazy and tired about maintaining it that I tried one IPL session LoL. An IPL Session is a permanent change and I wasn’t comfortable in going permanent at that time. I guessed it would be better to have some flexibility! Shaping it routinely was also a trial and error. Most of the time I can’t find a perfect person to do it! If you know, everyone has a unique taste on how it is shaped. The person whose eyebrows are being shaped does not equal to the person who is actually shaping it. Do you agree? It’s complicated!

Now at present the products are changing fast! We can shape and define our eyebrows by ourselves. Introducing the portable, lipstick shaped eyebrow trimmer! It works like magic! Just move it along your eyebrows and the stray hairs it will be groomed in a minute! Definitely a lifesaver.

You will always look polished wherever you go. Check it out on the right side of this page!




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